Mission Statement

The California Crossfire softball program specializes in high level performance development, competitive club team development, and participation in premier competition for girls tournament play.

Our softball program is designed to improve each player's technical ability which includes improving their fundamentals, speed, conditioning, muscle memory and knowledge of the game, that will take them to the next level.

The development of softball talent is an ongoing process in which individuals progress gradually from the simple to the more complex experiences that the game provides. The process of player development requires planning that has clarity and based upon fundamentals and modern strategies of offense and defense.

This plan and direction comes from coaches and instructors who are educated, experienced and knowledgeable in softball, who develop players to the best of each girls' ability.

Our coaches' enthusiasm for training youth players is evident to the student and their parents. This enthusiasm provides a positive learning and training atmosphere for the player.

We are continually increasing the quality and quantity of training for players of all ages. Whether the girl is learning to play the game, or preparing for High School or a college career, players of all abilities can benefit.